Meet Todd, CTO and Co-Founder of The Home Dispatch

Meet Todd, Co-Founder and CTO of The Home Dispatch

Meet Todd, Co-Founder and CTO of The Home Dispatch

Here at The Home Dispatch, we're creating a platform and community to empower homeowners and help them do more living and less stressing when it comes to their homes.

We have many exciting developments in the works, and we’re finally revealing one of them: our team has grown!

We are thrilled to announce that Todd Schmidt has officially joined The Home Dispatch as Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer.

Keep reading to learn about Todd and his role with The Home Dispatch, as well as how we’ll be building our product in public so we can reach more homeowners sooner!

1. What is your role with THD?

Chief Technical Officer. My primary focus will be defining and building the technical product to help homeowners, vendors, and The Home Dispatch team members. Technical products include everything from websites to apps to internal tools to help our teams run efficiently to best help homeowners.
I'm also very mindful that as a co-founder and leader, the team's culture we are building is also my primary job. So I focus a lot of energy on how we build, not just what.

2. What is the latest home challenge or project you've tackled?

I'm going to cheat and share two because the latest home project was stressful.
We had some water damage to our hardwood floors in our main living room. Our house is on a concrete slab, and the main room had a nice big rug with a couch over it. One day, I noticed a bulge and thought the rug had been moved. Turned out there was water coming from outside through our foundation.
Fortunately, we dried the wood with a week of fans, and it mostly returned to normal. We then put in a french drain and some PVC downspout extenders on the outside of the house to hopefully prevent this from happening again. Needless to say, I'm a bit anxious every time it rains hard.
For the fun project, we had custom-built shelves put in our playroom downstairs. We don't have a lot of storage in our house, which helped a lot. Added bonus, it actually makes the room look bigger!

3. Which next steps for The Home Dispatch are you most excited about?

Product launch!! I'm really excited to help customers reduce the mental load of homeownership. Owning a home is hard, and I'm excited to help bring a bit of joy to the experience.
Can I also take this opportunity to share my view on product launches? I guess I can :-) I very much believe that there are no "launches" as people traditionally think, with a big day and all of a sudden everything is perfect. Instead, we are going to bring features to customers hopefully daily. Even more, we plan to build in public with Twitter. If we have a solution ready, we are going to ship it! Curious about building in public and what I've been up to? I'm on Twitter at @toddschmidt_.

Thanks Todd! 

Check back soon as we meet more members of team THD. We can’t wait to continue sharing our journey with you.