Behind the scenes at The Home Dispatch

Hello! Whether you already own a home or you want to someday: you’re in the right place. We help aspiring and current homeowners manage and maintain anything to do with their homes. You might be asking what exactly that means…so we’ve put together this blog post to share more. 

Who is behind The Home Dispatch? 

When our co-founders became homeowners, we found that it can quickly become an entire job…and that having a new job on top of all of the other hats we wear was too much. We figured there must be a better way to take care of everything that comes with homeownership but we couldn't find what we were looking for.

So, we set out to create the experience we wished for as homeowners: a one stop shop for helping us check off your home to-dos. It helps that our CEO and Co-founder Amirah Raveneau-Bey has worked in the real estate industry for 15+ years and knew exactly how to make this happen. 

So, what exactly can The Home Dispatch do for me? 

We offer two levels of service: DIY with our downloadable guides and custom support with our concierge program. 

Our DIY downloadable guides harness all of the knowledge we’ve gained from working with current and aspiring homeowners into simple checklists. Instead of staying up late trying to organize your upcoming move, or worrying that you’re missing a step when you kick off a big project: our guides save you time and put everything in one easy to find spot. 

For our homeowners that want more support, we have a concierge program where we collaborate 1:1 to help them with everything on their to do list. Our support always kicks off with a complimentary discovery call where we share more about how we can help and learn more about you. 

Can you share an example of what’s in the DIY downloadable guides

Definitely! If you’ve followed us on instagram (@thehomedispatch) then you know that we are constantly sharing ways to save time when it comes to home management, maintenance, and the “fun” stuff like home product sourcing. We’ve compiled all of our best tips, tricks, and checklists into our guides. For example, our New Homeowner Checklist breaks out all of the things you need to get settled in a new home: from setting up utilities to finding your go-to vendors.

One of our favorite tips? Don’t forget to put both homeowners on every utility bill. You’ll need these documents to verify your residence if you’ve moved out of state or if you ever need to call the utility company in an emergency it will save you So. Much. Time. 

How can I learn more about your concierge program? 

We have a deep dive here and we’ve started to share homeowner case studies so you can see all of the ways that we work with our homeowners. Our program is truly customized to the needs of the homeowner but you can think of us as part of your homeowner team: we do everything from booking vendors to researching outdoor furniture. 

I still have questions…

We encourage you to reach out anytime: concierge[at] – we love talking to current and aspiring homeowners!