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Together we’ll tackle your laundry list of home repairs and get your home maintenance on auto-pilot with a roster of home pros you can trust.
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Whether you need help sourcing renovation materials or are looking to refresh a few furniture pieces, we’ve got you.
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Not sure where to start? We can help you put together a plan to feel good about living in and caring for your home.
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1. Meet your Home Planner
Match with a dedicated Home Planner who will help you organize and research the home products and pros you need to finish your home projects.
Jaime S.
Home Planner
Amirah R.
Home Planner
2. Discover the right home products and vendors
We’ll save you time by sourcing top-rated products, professionals, the right tools for the job, or anything else your home may need.
Jen's Backyard Project
Ardsley, NY
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3. Complete Projects
One simple dashboard to keep track of your recommended home products and pros. Together, we’ve got this.
Jen's Backyard Project
On Track
Outdoor Couch
Dining table
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What folks have to say

"Before The Home Dispatch existed, we were taking days off work to deal with all of our house projects and using spreadsheets to keep track of all of the home products we wanted to purchase. Now we can collaborate as a couple and keep track of everything in one place."
Jen & Will
Ardsley, NY
"As first-time homeowners, we DIY’d a lot of our projects and our Home Planner was on-hand to help with everything from sourcing products to finding vendors who were available in our area."
Karen & Don
Andes, NY |
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From our founder

Make your house a home—
As a homeowner of 17+ years and a busy mom, I realized that managing a home is another full-time job. The stress and mental load became even bigger a few years ago when I experienced a kitchen fire and had to plan an unexpected home renovation.

I’m using my 20+ years working in real estate tech to tap into my network and build a product that makes it easier for you, the homeowner, to get everything done on your list.

Whether it’s researching products, finding vendors, or you just need help figuring out your next step, we organize your options with a trusted Home Planner and one simple app to manage everything.

Amirah Raveneau-Bey
CEO & Co-Founder

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